Invitation to Subscribe to Aging Intentionally e-Newsletter

Updated March 10, 2020

You are invited to subscribe to the Aging Intentionally e-Newsletter, which began publication Monday March 10, 2020 with a special issue on the novel Coronavirus COVID 19.

The e-Newletter will be distributed only via email and this site. There will never be any charge or advertising in this e-Newsletter. It is being published as a public service, primarily for the benefit of the aging citizens of Central Vermont.

The purpose of the e-Newsletter is to provide all in one place:

  • up-to-date practical articles about important aspects of aging, written by and for people living in our region
  • curated links to relevant online information from state agencies/organizations and national experts/journalists
  • listings of local/regional resources to help people in our area to age more successfully
  • a way for people in our region to share their experiences of aging 
The e-Newsletter will cover a wide range of topics as they relate to Aging Intentionally, including:

  • Estate and Legal Planning
  • Home Improvements 
  • Health
  • Health Insurance (Medicare in particular)
  • Family and other Personal Support Systems
  • Hiring help for everyday tasks
  • Financial and Tax Planning
  • Transportation Options
  • Housing Decisions 
  • Last Stages of Life: Long-term care, hospice, death with dignity, green burial, funerals and memorials

As a subscriber, you will automatically receive the e-Newsletter in your email. 

If you are not already an e-Newsletter subscriber and would like to receive it in your email, you can request to be added to the e-Newsletter subscriber list by emailing

Anyone may access this enhanced e-Newsletter site (, which will enable them to:
  • Read Internet-enhanced versions of current and past e-Newsletter Issues 
  • Access past e-Newsletter Issues that are regularly updated with new or corrected information
  • Share their own stories of aging through moderated comments
  • View screened postings of relevant local events and resources
Readers wishing to share relevant calendar events, local resource recommendations and offerings, or personal stories of aging (with no names posted) should submit them to for editorial screening.

Comments on and corrections to e-Newsletter articles may be submitted for moderation in the “comments” area below the article on this enhanced e-Newsletter site.


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  2. Thanks for doing this, Peter! I look forward to your next issue.
    Jennifer Z